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Google Workspace For Your Business


Aarchi Infotech Solutions is the Authorised Reseller for Google Workspace for Work and Business Services. G Suite is known as Google Workspace as a full collaboration business suite. Google Workspace is the best email solutions for small to medium size business and corporate business who wants their data stored in Google Cloud platform with emails and documents on the go. Goolge Workspace is the business suite from google contains features to communicate, store, collaborate & manage business documents and emails.

G Suite is Google’s cloud-based tools make your email, contacts, calendar & documents always available – no matter which device you are using.

  • Share and edit files in real-time from any location
  • Streamline everyday tasks like scheduling, invoicing, budgeting & more
  • Use Google’s simple search to find events, docs, emails & messages
  • Start an email on your work computer and finish it on your phone!

Since work is automatically backed up on Google’s secure data centre network, you no longer have to worry about theft or accidents to your hardware. Most importantly, you continue to own and control all of your data.

Google Workspace implementation for SMEs and Corporate Businesses

Move your business to G Suite the right way. We’re an authorised Google Apps reseller with years of expertise in Google Services. When we say it will be easy, we mean it.

  • Seamless one-day implementation
  • Free migration of all existing email and business information
  • Organisational training and continued 24/7 tech support

Google Workspace offers following main features for the business of any size

Communicate: Gmail, Hangout, Calendar and Google Plus

Store: Google Drive

Collaborate: Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Sites

Manage: Google Admin and Vault

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Google Workspace offers Inbox space for everything and no ads

Google Apps offers up to 30GB of storage per user for standard plan and 1TB of storage per user for an unlimited plan. For Unlimited space, you required a minimum of 5 users. Google Apps for Business also provides powerful spam filtering and a 99.9% uptime SLA. All hosted by Google – there’s no cost, and no ads for students, faculty or staff.

Google Workspace offers Work fast, save time on the Go…

Gmail is designed to make everyone more productive. Up to 30GB of storage means no need to delete anything, powerful search means everything is in each reach, and labels and filters help your users stay organised. Gmail is securely powered by the web, so students and faculty can be productive at home, on the road, or on their mobile devices.

Google Workspace allows you to Connect with people, according to your rules

The inbox isn’t just about messages, it’s about people too. Text, voice, and video chat means that students and teachers can see who is online and connect instantly. Don’t want your students using chat? Want to limit who can send emails to whom? It’s all in the administrator’s control.

Key features of Google Workspace include:


Professional email with your domain name, enhanced security and anti-spam.

Google Drive

Cloud storage to securely store, access and share files anywhere

Google Docs

Collaborative editing of documents in real time with updates, comments and version history.

Google Sheets

Powerful spreadsheets for data analysis, visualization and collaboration.

Google Slides

Create, edit and deliver dynamic presentations online or offline.

Google Meet

Video conferencing and virtual meeting platform with screen with sharing and saving capabilities.

Google Calendar

Schedule meetings, set reminders, and coordinate events seamlessly.

Google Forms

Create surveys, quizzes, and feedback for efficient data collection.

Google Chat

Instant messaging and team communication tool for real-time collaboration.

Google Sites

Easily create custom websites and intranets with sharing and integration features without coding.

You can get more detailed information from the offerings from directly from their website here.

Benefits of using Google Workspace include:

Improved collaboration

Google Workspace enables seamless collaboration between team members, enabling them to work together on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time.

Improved productivity

Integrated communication tools for Gmail, Google- Calendar, and Just like Google Meet, users can streamline their workflow and stay organized, which increases productivity.

Flexibility and Usability

Google Workspace is cloud-based, so users can access their work from any device with an Internet  connection, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go.


Google Workspace offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to different business needs, offering cost-effective solutions compared to traditional office software.

Advanced Security: 

Google Workspace includes strong security features, such as two-factor authentication, encryption and regular security updates to ensure data protection and compliance with industry standards.


Google Workspace can easily scale as businesses grow, allowing them to add and remove users, customize storage and access additional features as needed.

Simplified IT Management

Google Workspace provides centralized management tools that simplify user management, device management and security, reducing the burden on IT teams.

Smooth integration

 Google Workspace integrates seamlessly with other Google services such as Google Drive, Google Analytics and Google Ads, but also with third-party applications, improving workflow efficiency and collaboration.

Continuous innovation

Google Workspace is constantly updated with new features and improvements, ensuring that users have access to the latest tools and technologies to stay competitive.

Customer support

Google Workspace offers reliable customer support, including online resources, help articles, and community discussion groups and dedicated forums. business customer support that ensures a smooth user experience.

Let us look into Google Workspace Pricing for your business collaboration tool.

Business Starter

$8.40 AUD user/month

Month one-year commitment
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Business Standard

$16.80 AUD user/month

One-year commitment
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Business Plus

$25.20 AUD user/month

One-year commitment
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